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FloorWork Class (All level): (1hour)

A new routine will be learned in each class. Basic dance theory and sensual movement to build a foundation in floor work, 


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Introduction to Pole Fitness: (1hour & 30 mins)

Never Tried Pole Fitness Class before? Come along to One hour & a half taster course is designed for women of all fitness levels who are new to pole. These classes will cover safety tips, fundamentals of posture, poise and movement around the pole, basic spins and pole sits and an introduction to climbing and inverts.

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Beginner Pole Class ( Level 1 and 2):(1hour)

If you enjoyed the Intro to Pole fitness course? Or perhaps have tried Pole Fitness before and want to learn the basic then this class is for you. Beginner pole classes build upon the basics taught in the Introduction course, and will expand students' repertoire of spins, tricks and holds,
Whilst developing strength in order to successfully achieve inversions (upside-down movements). In these classes you will quickly begin to see the health benefits of increasing strength, tone and flexibility, as they develop confidence and familiarity with pole. .

Prerequisite: no prerequisite.

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Beginner & Intermediate Pole Class ( Level 2& Level 3):(1hour)

Beginner/Intermediate level class: is a perfect bridge between levels and an ideal for an L2 student who feels they are ready to add a little more to challenge their training or for the L3 student who might feel they need a bit more time to smooth and perfect their foundation.

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Pole Inverts Progression (All level): (1hour)

It is very important to us that students work on a clean and safe technique inversion. The fundamental inversions

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Intermediate Pole Class (Level3): (1hour)

For students who have developed a level of confidence in the pole basics and are competent at inverting, classes at intermediate level continue to add to students' trick inventories, focusing on students' ability to execute sequences of tricks and spins in 'combos and extended routines'.


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Advanced Pole Class (level 4&5): (1hour)


Learn a variety of pole holds to challenge and inspire you to get stronger. 

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All Level (Power Pole): 1hour

Power Pole!
If building strength is your goal, check out these power classes:
A) Pole cardio
B) Pole conditioning
If you don’t feel ready to enter the next level, these classes designed to build the strength necessary for amping up your pole skills

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All Level (Pole Exotic): (1 hour & 30 mins)

If you want to learn how to be a total glamour queen, walking and dancing in sky high heels, if you want to feel sexier and learn how to exude self-confidence all while having a total body workout, then Pole Exotic is the perfect class for you. Please note there is absolutely no stripping involved, it is a female only class designed to let your hair down and safe space in which to let your inner diva out to dance!

Prerequisite: All level

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Express your emotions and tell your captivating story through the graceful combination of different styles of dance. This class is focused on the art of performance.

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All Level (Flex & Bend)

The class will introduce you a new way to enhance your overall performance and provide a deeper understanding of your muscles and how they are involved in different key stretches.

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Private Pole Class:

Although individual 1-on-1 private lessons are more expensive than group classes, you get more and personalized instruction. 1 hour private lessons are the equivalent of 5 group classes...

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Open Pole Practice

 Open Pole Practice Time. Come get your practice on! Poles will

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All level (Pole Assessment Exam):1hour and 30 mins | Private

Time to take pole dance & fitness to another level. All Rock and Rhythm students who completed one year or more will need to do grading assessment.

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Pole Fit Kids Class

Pole Fit Kids: "Suitable for ages 4-15 years."

  • Girls Age: 4-15 Years.
  • Boys Age: 4-12 Years 
Pole-Fit classes are a fantastic way to improve a child's confidence, strength, flexibility, stamina, posture and grace.
The classes are perfect for complete beginners wanting to try something new; to budding young dancers, gymnasts and performers already out there in the dance world, looking to add to their CV. 


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All Level (Off the Pole): 1hour

This class is a total body workout! Off the pole, the class objective is to improve your endurance and help you build strength. It’s a “no equipment “class our workout suit all level.

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