frequently asked question

Is there a suitable age for practicing Pole Fitness/Dance?


There is no age limit for practicing the sport. All people 16 years old and above are welcome to come to Rock & Rhythm Oman. Also, we have Special Pole classes for Kids, and these classes are suitable for Ages 4-15. 

  • Boys: 4-12 Yrs
  • Girls:4-15 Yrs 

Do I have to be strong, and flexible, or have gymnastics skills to follow the classes?

No, these are not necessary, as you follow the lessons you will develop the physical condition and skills necessary to practice the sport.

Do you need to have experience in pole fitness/dance in order to attend the classes?

No, it is not necessary to have the experience, everyone can start practicing this sport. We teach from basic to advanced, and with us, you will learn everything you need to enjoy the sport

How does the Payment work for packages?

  1. We provide three payment methods:
  2. For Online Payment, You will select the package that you will want to take and pay once only and for the next class booking, you will have to choose the "Pay at the Venue" method.
  3. For Pay at the Venue/ Installment, You will pay cash or transfer the amount to Studio bank account and for the next class booking, you will have to choose the "Pay at the Venue" method.

Can men or girl friends come watch me in class?

No!  Please keep in mind there are others participating in class who will not feel comfortable with this. Rock & Rhythm Oman does NOT allow spectators, visitors or children to classes. There are no exceptions.  It is also strictly for women only.

I have back/neck/shoulder/wrist problems, is Pole Fitness still suitable for me?

Seek medical advice from your doctor when in doubt about whether or not you can join Pole lessons. If you are seeing a physiotherapist, he or she can inform you on the pro's and con's regarding the workout and whether you should pursue it further.

How do I book a Pole Fitness classes?

If you are new to Rock & Rhythm Oman:

  1. Fill out your information in the "Online Booking" form. Make sure to read and understand Rock & Rhythm Policies  and Terms & Conditions .
  2. Select the class that you want to attend and we will confirm your booking via email.
  3. If you are already in our system, you don't have to fill your information again except for your contact number that needs to be filled each time you book for your class. Book your next lesson under "Online Booking" or "Classes" in our navigation bar

How much does a Pole Fitness class cost?

The costs of a lesson can differ between the different packages. We have a detailed information about all the fees in our Online Booking page; Feel free to have a look.

Do you allow pregnant women to attend pole classes?

Pregnant women are not allowed to participate in pole dancing in our studio.

What should I wear?

For all pole classes, show a little skin! Comfortable athletic attire, with shorts that expose two or three inches above the knee. This little bit of exposed skin is crucial to help you climb the pole. We sell in our studio the world’s leading pole wear brand. High heels are always optional; we find that many pole dancers prefer to learn barefoot. Don’t apply any lotion on the day of your class, as it will make the pole very slippery! You will be asked to remove rings and bracelets before class.

Do you allow walk-ins or is it by reservation only?

We do allow walk-ins, as long as there is space in the class when you arrive. If you don’t want to take the chance of the class being full, make a reservation through our website. Please note that if no one has previously signed up for the class, it may have been cancelled.

I’ve never taken a pole dance class before. Which class should I take first?

Introduction to Pole is the perfect class for someone with no previous pole dance experience. In that class we work from the ground up, with the first move being how to get comfortable walking around the pole. You got this!

I have no upper body strength and no dance experience, can I take pole classes?

Yes, of course! Upper body strength is not a pre-requisite to start because pole dancing strengthens and conditions your entire body as you learns. You’ll find that after a few classes, you’re moving with confidence and style. As with many forms of dance, your style is completely unique, so there is no right or wrong way to move to the music.

What is the difference between pole dancing and Pole Fitness?

Pole dance doesn’t mean no tricks. It means having to perform full tricks/spins and then transitions in between each trick/spin without stopping thus creating higher intensity workouts, more of an overall body workout and higher potential of cardio and toning benefits than just the tricks on their own. This applies whether you like ballet inspired/sexy/contemporary/hip hop dancer/belly dancer or acro style pole. Dance and tricks together means extra workout benefits.

Pole fitness / sport it focuses on physical strength, technique difficulty and drills. Therefore, choreographies focus mainly on acrobatics and dancing moves are limited.