Studio Policies

For everyone to enjoy our impressive studio space and community vibe, we have just a few essential rules:

Late Policy  
DO NOT BE LATE. THE DOOR WILL BE LOCKED 15 MINUTES AFTER THE START OF CLASS, AND YOU WILL NOT BE REFUNDED FOR THAT CLASS. We suggest arriving 10-15 minutes before the start of your class so that you are completely ready when the instruction starts. 
Pole dancing is strenuous on the body, and it is absolutely crucial that you are dressed and ready for class on time so that you don’t miss any of the warm-ups. Not only is lateness a safety issue, but it is also disruptive to the instructor and your fellow students. We are very strict about this rule and will not make any exceptions. 

Cancellation Policy:
1- No refunds for missed /canceled classes. Substitute lessons will be offered if the instructor or the studio canceled the class.  

2-Substituted Classes will be provided if the classes were canceled through our website only.  The studio will not offer substitute classes for Verbal communication between the instructor and student.

3-The studio will cancel classes in case of workshops, Instructor courses, and showcases. However, substitute classes will NOT be offered.

4-In case if the studio is closed due to disasters or country emergency, or political issues, substitute classes will NOT be offered.

Low Attendance Policy 
To absolutely guarantee a spot in a class, you must make a reservation online. We welcome walk-ins, but be aware that if no one has signed up within three hours of the class start time, it will be canceled.  For all the classes excluding introduction to pole class and a free class, the minimum number of persons should be two. However, we still run the class if it’s just one person, but the class will be considered as a private, and the class fee will change.

Find private prices: .

In case of private by reason of low attendance, the studio will deduct the number of the classes for members who have valid packages with us.

Package Policy:  Please note that:
1-Our package prices are not fixed, and it could change in the future depends on the number of classes’.
2- Installments are available for prices above 100 RO. “Check Installment policy”
3- Make sure you attend the class that suits you. Payment should be in advance, and it could be done through our website, electronic transfer, or cash. 

4- During the month of Ramadan, Eid Al Fitr holidays, and Eid Al Adha holidays, the studio will be closed and substitute classes will NOT be offered. 

Installment Payment Policy:
1- Installment is only applicable for prices that it’s above 100 RO
2- The Fixed amount will be agreed and signed by the student, and it will be deducted on a monthly basis.
3-Each payment will be made on the 1st (business) day of every remaining month.
4- Unpaid amounts will not allow the student to attend the class (No exceptions)
5-if your card is declined or the payment cannot go through at any time during the monthly installments, we will notify you and offer you 48 hours from the date the card was charged (1st of each month) to offer a new form of payment, or to correct any errors declining the transaction. If we have not received correspondence from you after 48 hours of a declined payment, we will release your membership and all payments prior will be non-refundable.
6-Student can pay more than the installment amount and we will offer new membership form with a new calculation
7- Example of an installment plan:

Freeze Policy 
You can freeze your membership once per year (minimum 4days and up to 1 month only).

  • The Freeze should be informed one week in advance.
  • The Freeze will be counted during the weekdays only "Sunday - Thursday".
  • The student should consider the expiry date of their membership before they request for a freeze 
  • The Expiry date will be changed depends on the freezing membership.
  • Students can't freeze their membership if it falls under the days that the studio will hold Courses, workshops & showcases or anything similar. 

Absolutely no alcohol or drugs are to be consumed before engaging in any activities at our studio. It is incredibly unsafe to do so. Anyone under the influence will not be allowed to participate and will not be refunded their money. 

Age & weight Policy 
Classes are designed for all ages, sizes, shapes, and levels. Anyone under the age of 18 must have the release form signed by a parent or guardian with us at the studio. 

1-The Student must always be respectful to other attendees of the event.
2-The Student must indemnify Rock & Rhythm Oman, other attendees and instructor against any claim for photographs, video footage, television, radio, internet and social media releases of the Event which has been published by the Student.
3- A Photo release form will be given to the students who agree their pictures and videos be published on Rock and Rhythm Oman social media account.

Grading Assessment:
Available for all the students who completed one year and would like to upgrade their level, for those who wish to do their grading assessment needs to book online and a confirmation email will be sent to you with all information.

Workshops: Upcoming workshops will be announced on our website and our social media.
Students will receive receipts upon payment.

Your enrollment is subject to the approval of our Terms & Conditions.